Collection: Charlie 1 Horse Cowboy Hats

Charlie 1 Horse are one of those exceptional lines known for their “break the mold” daring designs. They take timeless classics and add unique elements and fashion-forward twists. Everyone from celebrities, country music stars, super models, and Western enthusiasts like you fall in love with Charlie 1 Horse hats the moment they put them on.  

Western influence is having a major fashion moment right now and Charlie 1 Horse hats are center stage. Everyone is embracing elements that are iconic All-American country! Cowboy hats were originally created as functional protective outerwear for cowboys and ranchers. Famous Hollywood stars like John Wayne launched the cowboy hat into mainstream style and today, this trend continues to influence the fashion world. Thanks to country music, television series, blockbuster movies, and fashion designers, everyone is adding a touch of cowboy to their look. Pinto Ranch understands everyone has their own fashion sense and individual personality. This is exactly why we carry a variety of hat styles, sizes, fabrics, colors, and designs. Proudly handmade in America, each Charlie 1 Horse hat boasts a unique flair and is perfect for someone who likes to stand out. Whether you prefer a natural straw, felt, or a crushable construction their exceptional variety always brings something edgy to the table. Cowboy Hat Etiquette Everyone can enjoy adding a cowboy hat to their outfit however there are some common rules to follow. Cowboy hat etiquette is a real thing and knowing when and where to wear one will prevent any misunderstandings. For example, always remove your hat when entering a building, especially a restaurant. If the occasion is informal, you may wear your hat inside but if it is a formal affair, leave it off. These are just a couple of guidelines to think about when wearing one! Straw vs. Felt Cowboy Hats Most cowboy hats are constructed from either felt or straw. Felt hats constructed from animal wool are heavier weight and commonly worn in the winter for warmth. Straw hats are lighter and worn in the warmer months for sun and heat protection. The “traditional rule” is to wear your straw cowboy hat from May to Labor Day and felt hat throughout the remainder of the year. Color also plays an important part as well, many brands including Charlie 1 Horse offer a variety of colors from neutrals to bright vibrant shades. Get Stylish Cowboy Hats From Charlie 1 Horse Charlie 1 Horse describes their straw and felt collections as exceptional, fashion-forward, and daring designs that encompass style and panache. Every gorgeous hat features modern touches that are enhanced with eye-catching embellishments. Sleek, flattering silhouettes, eye-catching headbands, and beautiful adornments give you style options to express your individuality. The one thing every Charlie 1 Horse hat has in common is its signature C logo brand either displayed on or right above the hat band showing the world you are proudly wearing an authentic hat. Shop Charlie 1 Horse Hats at Pinto Ranch Pinto Ranch is thrilled to carry an impressive variety of premium Charlie 1 Horse cowboy hats. Whether you’re looking for a stunning black felt or a more colorful, whimsical design, we have a cowboy hat that will flatter your face and compliment any outfit. Additionally, our friendly Pinto Ranch team are Western enthusiasts too, and are here to help you find the perfect Charlie 1 Horse. Start shopping now.