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Men’s Western jackets are at the core of American fashion. Originally worn by hard-working cowboys to keep them warm and protected from the sun, wind, and rain, Western jackets for men have evolved and are now worn by well-dressed men from all walks of life.  

Pinto Ranch is a leader in Western wear, and it's our mission to bring you the best brands, the highest quality, and the latest styles. Our hand-selected menswear line encompasses everything you need for a complete wardrobe. We curate the finest styles from the biggest Western wear names like Madison Creek, Lone Pine, Filson, Scully, and Stetson. Our goal is for you to easily find a style and fit that suits your personality and lifestyle.

Types of Men’s Western Jackets

Pinto Ranch brings you an impressive collection of Western jackets. Whether you are looking for a casual jacket for everyday wear or a style that elevates an outfit for professional or formal events, let’s take a look at the different types of Western jackets that will work in your wardrobe. There are many different styles from shorter, tighter-fitting cowboy jackets to longer, loose-fitting Western coats. They all have one thing in common: they are meant to layer with other clothing for warmth while adding a classic style to an outfit.

Denim: A denim jacket is a closet staple and a style every well-dressed man should have in his fashion lineup. This classic is timeless and looks great with everything. Denim is stylish and durable and available in a variety of colors, cuts, and collars. A lighter-weight denim is ideal for doubling as a suit jacket and a heavier-weight jacket with a warm lining can easily replace a bulky winter coat. Wear a denim jacket with jeans and a pullover for a casual look. Pair with khakis and a sweater for a dinner date. 

Leather: A leather jacket is another closet staple that will always be in style. Wearing a leather jacket displays your sense of fashion, sophistication, and sensibility. Leather is a natural insulator and will keep you comfortable whatever the temperature. It is a tried and true material that will withstand the test of time and trends. Whether you go for a classic, fitted cut, a fuller bomber silhouette, or a longer length with removable linings, Pinto Ranch has a signature, wear-with-anything, leather style for you.

Suede: Elevate your fashion sense with a sophisticated suede Western jacket. Similar to leather, this timeless material is a natural insulator and will keep you comfortable at any temperature. Suede is extremely durable and lightweight, but it’s the luxurious texture and understated rich appearance that makes this fabric an all-season standout. Wear a suede jacket with everything in your wardrobe from your favorite jeans to dressy slacks. The bottom line is suede is a do-it-all-for-you investment piece that whether dressed up or dressed down, makes you feel relaxed and look well put together.

Wool: One of the most popular and proven materials throughout time, wool tops the chart for men’s outerwear jackets. A winter classic, wool is one of the most searched especially for colder weather months. They are sure to keep you warm in the coldest conditions. Typically designed to be roomy for comfortable layering wool coats are perfect for wearing over a suit for professional and more formal events but equally appropriate for casual occasions when keeping warm is key.

Canvas: Canvas Western jackets for men are versatile, and add a gentlemen-inspired fashion to your look. Canvas should not be overlooked as a practical staple in your wardrobe. This durable heavier fabric is water-resistant for outdoor protection. Whether you desire to blend in our stand-out, there is a canvas jacket for you. Ideal for cooler weather the lined wax appearance allows you to layer, mix and match with other wardrobe staples to create different looks.

Styles and Designs Of Men's Western Jackets

Rancher Jacket: A rancher jacket is a classic and versatile everyday go-to. The rancher is typically a high-quality material such as leather or denim and features a simple design that buttons up in the front. This jacket is extremely comfortable, durable, and authentic, making it an ideal choice for those who enjoy a practical classic Western look. The rancher jacket looks great on everyone but this cut is best for a leaner, athletic body.

Cowboy Jacket: This tried-and-true traditional Western jacket usually features a longer length, button-up front, fringe detailing, and may have embellishments like embroidery. Find this style in suede or leather with a comfortable and relaxed fit, best suited for taller, leaner men, however when sized right looks great on a huskier body.

Rodeo Jacket: The rodeo jacket, originally designed for classic rodeo events, has a looser fit for easy movement. It is designed with durable materials like canvas or leather and is a great choice for a classic Western lifestyle. Rodeo jackets look great on men with an athletic build.

Vintage Jacket: The vintage western jacket is a true American classic that usually is designed with leather or suede materials and intricate detailing. The timeless style can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. This everyday jacket looks great on every body type

Modern Jacket: The modern Western jacket is a contemporary take on the classic style, incorporating updated fabrics, designs, and fits. It offers a sleek and stylish look, perfect for those who want to incorporate Western style into their wardrobe without looking too traditional. The modern jacket is available in a variety of styles, ranging from slim to relaxed fits, made from leather or denim, and is a great jacket for every body type.

Quality and Craftsmanship for Men’s Western Jackets

High-quality Western jackets are investments and when made with the highest quality materials and techniques will last a lifetime, even passed down through generations. Take a look at some examples of what goes into making a top-quality jacket.

Full-grain leather: Full-grain leather is the highest quality leather available and one of the strongest and most durable available. Full-grain leather jackets are known for their longevity and rugged, authentic look.

Hand-stitching: Hand-stitching is a traditional technique that involves using a needle and thread to sew the jacket by hand adding to the jacket's authenticity and durability.

Embellishments: Embellishments such as embroidery, beadwork, and fringe are often added to Western jackets to enhance their authentic style. These special details require skilled craftsmanship to achieve the desired effect.

How to Care for Men's Western Jackets

It’s important that you take care of and condition your men’s Western jacket to keep it looking its best. It is always a good idea to check the care label on your jacket as each brand and material is different. That said, a few simple tips will preserve your jacket’s integrity and appearance. Take a look at our recommendations:

  • Leather and suede jackets should be cleaned with a soft brush or cloth to remove any dirt or debris.
  • If something is spilled on your jacket use a soft damp cloth to blot the area. Avoid rubbing as it may spread the stain and damage the fabric.
  • Apply a leather conditioner or suede protector to maintain the suppleness of the material.
  • If your jacket becomes wet, let it dry naturally and avoid exposing it to heat sources such as radiators or hairdryers.
  • Store your jacket in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Use a hanger with shoulder protectors.
A well-made Western jacket can last for years or even decades, becoming a treasured masterpiece and wardrobe staple. At Pinto Ranch, we understand how important this is to our customers and are committed to offering the highest-quality brands for everyone who embraces and appreciates the rich heritage, traditions, and fashions of our country's iconic Western culture. Check out our collection of men's Western jackets and a full line of Western-inspired apparel, cowboy boots, and accessories.